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Unlock the Holiday Magic with these LEGO® Buckets

Unlock the Holiday Magic with these LEGO® Buckets

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MANILA – As the holiday season approaches, parents of toddlers and young kids have an exciting
reason to light up their children's faces with joy. Beloved toy brand, the LEGO® Group, is inviting
families to embark on a delightful journey with their LEGO sets.

With numerous learning options available for kids, the world-famous toy company doubles down on its
engaging and enjoyable approach. Cris Opeña, Senior Brand Manager for Ban Kee Trading, the
LEGO Group Philippines distributor, echoes this, sharing, "As we usher in the holiday season, the
LEGO Group brings the gift of fun learning wrapped in colorful bricks. Our mission is to turn playtime
into a magical journey where children can build, create, and discover the joy of learning while crafting
their own holiday tales. After all, learning should be as fun as opening a present.”

In a time where screens often dominate children's attention, the LEGO Group reaffirms its
commitment to hands-on, creative learning. LEGO playsets offer an opportunity to break away from
screens and make holiday memories that will last a lifetime. These inspire kids to build, design, and
tell their own unique holiday stories through the enchantment of colorful bricks:

A Canvas for Creative Minds
Think of this set as a treasure chest of vibrant bricks, perfect for crafting personalized holiday scenes and decorations. It's a canvas for young builders to bring their unique holiday visions to life, making the season extra special.

Tiny Hands, Big Ideas
With this set, the possibilities are endless. As your child builds towering structures and imaginative holiday tales, they're also learning about spatial reasoning, problem-solving, and storytelling. It's a chance to nurture their budding engineering skills while crafting holiday memories together.

Nature-Inspired Holiday Magic
The oversized Duplo bricks are perfect for those tiny hands eager to join in the holiday crafting. Building simple holiday scenes with your toddler isn't just about constructing; it's an opportunity for early STEM learning and quality bonding time.

Bigger Bricks, Bolder Dreams
As your child grows, their creativity knows no bounds. With larger Duplo bricks, they can dive into collaborative play and imaginative storytelling. It's an excellent choice to create moments of bonding and shared excitement during the festive season.

10914 LEGO Duplo
Deluxe Brick Box A-E (₱ 3,000.00)

Holiday Blooms, LEGO Style
This charming set introduces kids to nature and organic concepts while letting them enjoy the beauty of the outdoors during the festive season. It's a unique way to connect children with nature and add an educational touch to holiday celebrations.

Embracing kids' love for fun-filled learning, this season rolls out a joyful treat for parents as well – the chance to save up to 20% discount on select LEGO sets. As a bonus, select Toy Kingdom stores are offering gifts with purchase (GWP) promotions. Buy eligible LEGO DUPLO or LEGO Classic sets and receive exclusive LEGO gifts, expanding your collection with unique items. These special offers are available until the end of the month, making it the perfect opportunity to introduce the gift of creativity and imagination to your little ones.

Whether it's constructing a miniature winter wonderland, crafting personalized holiday decorations, or weaving imaginative tales of holiday adventures, LEGO Classic Bucket sets are the ideal tools for holiday preparations. Mothers can now unwrap the true spirit of the season – one filled with laughter, learning, and boundless creativity, all shared with their cherished little ones.

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