Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Tonie Enriquez, Dotty, And Dave Anonuevo To Drop Hopeful Love Song “No One Else”


Tonie Enriquez, Dotty, And Dave Anonuevo To Drop Hopeful Love Song “No One Else”


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Three of Tarsier Records’ up-and-coming talents Tonie Enriquez, dotty, and Dave Anonuevo have collaborated for the heavenly love song “No One Else,” set to be released this Friday (February 11) on various music platforms.

Written from the perspective of a ‘hopeful romantic,’ “No One Else” is the perfect tune to blast on Valentine’s Day as it explores the concept of love’s risks but having someone worth trying it out for anyway.

“This song is about liking someone but you don’t know if you’re gonna go for it or not,” said Tonie, adding, “I get butterflies from the chorus, it’s like I’m confessing to my crush, ‘Hey, I’m not perfect but I like you,’ you know? So if you’re trying to woo your crush this Valentine’s, this song is perfect for you.”

Tonie said Dave experimented with different sounds and leads while producing the song but they ultimately decided on a pop/R&B style, which was made better by dotty’s catchy rap verse.

“I really just built off the lyrics and overall vibe Tonie and Dave came up with for the track, so writing my verse was honestly super easy as a result. I generally don’t listen to pop/EDM music or tracks with this kind of beats, so this was a first,” dotty said.

Before “No One Else,” Singapore-based artists Tonie and Dave and rapper dotty were announced as part of Tarsier’s Class of 2021. Tonie and Dave first teamed up for the pop-electronic song “love ain’t real” in March last year, with Dave also producing fellow Tarsier artist Zion Aguirre’s hit song “Fallin’” after. Meanwhile, dotty has released two singles in 2021, “talk about” and “don’t trip.”

Don’t be shy to voice out your affection for someone and stream Tonie, dotty, and Dave’s “No One Else,” out on various digital music platforms this Friday (February 11). For updates, follow Tarsier Records on various social media accounts @tarsierrecords.