Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Playtime is NEVER a waste of time!

Playtime is NEVER a waste of time!

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I often see posts on social media about parents not being present in their children’s lives. And by ‘not present’, I do not mean dead or literally not present in their lives.

Being present means reading bedtime stories to them, making them breakfast, taking them to school, attending their class’ PTA meetings, watching their stage plays, or simply playing with them. Being there means being present physically, mentally, and emotionally.

That is why I make sure that I am always present in my children’s lives. My husband too. He may not be there all the time because of work, but I make sure that I am always there whenever my kids need me.

One thing I make sure to do is to take them out once in a while to play and bond with them. We usually go to Kidzoona at U.P Town Center because it is the nearest mall (literally nearest because it’s just 5 minutes away from our house). I love taking them to this specific branch not only because it is convenient but also because of its facilities.

It is not as big as some Kidzoona branches, but it is spacious enough for kids to enjoy. It is not crowded, especially on weekdays. But they limit the number of kids who can play, especially during weekends when it’s family day, for safety purposes.

Their ball pit is clean and wide. Miggy (my son) loves to dive into it all the time. They also have a huge inflatable slide where kids enjoy a lot. A staff member is making sure that they are safe when sliding from the inflatable slide.

Their place is clean and sanitized for the safety of the kids. The staff are also warm and friendly; they are always smiling and welcoming to the kids.

The rate is also fair enough for me. It’s 220 pesos only for 1 hour (1 kid + 1 adult) and 300php for 2 hours (1 kid + 1 adult). They also have party packages which I am also considering for my kids’ birthdays.

I promise to bring my kids to the newly opened play area in Robinsons Metro East called Jolly Land, which is trending on social media. I will also write about our experience in this place once we visit one of these days.