Friday, March 1, 2024



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Ever since the pandemic hit our country in 2020, I became an OA mom. I kept worrying about everything! “Are these stuff sanitized?” , “are those people not positive with corona virus?”, “will these vaccines really help?”, “will supermarkets run out of supplies? “, ” I sneezed, Oh! gosh! Am I positive?!! ” and the list goes on.

Even now that we are in the “new normal” , I still can’t help but worry about the safety of my family. I always make sure that I have my alcohol with me. We use Green Cross Ethyl Alcohol. It has 70% solution, antiseptic disinfectant and also has moisturizer which I love because without moisturizer, our skin tends to get dry because of the excessive use of alcohol.

Wherever we go, I make sure I have these wet wipes with me. I use Yoboo Unscented Wet Wipes because of its premium quality, ultra-soft, durable and affordable. I make sure to carry it with me no matter where I and my kids go.

Hand-washing also became a habit to us. My kids and I wash our hands every now and then. We use Safeguard to make sure that our hands are clean and germ-free.

Supplements such as vitamin C and zinc have been a staple in our house. I make sure that we never run out of vitamins especially my kids. I give them Scotts Pastilles and Cherifer Immuno max to strengthen their immunity against any viruses.

Even Though we can now move freely outside without face masks, I still make sure that my kids wear their facemasks specially at school. Who knows, one of their classmates or even their seatmate has flu, cold or other viruses that could be transferred to my kids if they are not protected by fave masks! So they always wear their face masks from Kleenex. It has 99.9% particle filtration that protects the respiratory system from dangerous substances and infections like yellow dust and PM.

They may say that I am an OA mom, but I believe that prevention is better than cure! And as an mom, I will make sure that I do my best to protect my family even though I am often labeled as an OA mom. 🙂