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Kalanggaman Island In Leyte Increases Entrance Fee To Support Conservation Initiatives


Kalanggaman Island In Leyte Increases Entrance Fee To Support Conservation Initiatives


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Tourists who will visit the picturesque Kalanggaman Island in Palompon, Leyte will have to pay higher fees to finance the preservation and enhancement of the tourist destination.

The local government said it will impose a 100 percent increase beginning Jan. 16, based on approved Municipal Ordinance No. 476-080523, otherwise known as the 2023 Revenue Code of the Municipality of Palompon.

Based on the posted rate, the new fees for foreign tourists are PHP1,000 each for a day tour and PHP1,500 for an overnight stay.

Non-Palompon residents would have to shell out PHP300 for a day tour and PHP450 for an overnight stay.

Non-Palompon college students, high school students, and elementary students fee costs PHP80, PHP60, and PHP40, respectively, for day tours and PHP120, PHP90, and PHP60, respectively, for overnight stays.

For students enrolled in Palompon town, fees range from PHP5 to PHP30.

Senior citizens who are not from the town will have to pay an entrance fee of PHP240 and PHP360 for a day tour and overnight stay, respectively.

Senior citizens from the town could enter the island for free.

“The aforementioned ordinance aims to ensure the sustainable development and management of eco-tourism facilities within the municipality and to support the preservation and enhancement of our natural resources while improving the overall eco-tourism experience for visitors,” the Palompon local government said in its advisory issued Monday.

Meanwhile, those who want to rent the entire island would have to pay PHP300,000 for 24 hours.

For Palompon residents, they must pay PHP100 for a day tour and PHP150 for an overnight stay.

The local government also urged tourists to follow the island’s regulations during their stay, including avoiding the use of soap, shampoo, and conditioner as they may harm the eco-system; making bonfires; bringing portable generators and anything that would make a loud noise; throwing garbage; and smoking.

One tourist recounted in her blog that they made do with regular fresh water to clean themselves up. Shower rooms are also available at the tourism office, free of charge.

Bringing of pets is also discouraged.

The local government is strictly imposing a capacity of 500 tourists a day.

Kalanggaman is located between Cebu and Leyte provinces. It is about 45 minutes of sea travel from Palompon town and about a two-hour boat ride from Malapascua Island in Cebu.

The island is called Kalanggaman because of its bird-like shape when viewed from above due to the long sandbar on both ends of the island.

“Langgam” is a local word for bird. (PNA)